3 Throwing Techniques That Will Make Catching Pokémon Easier

3 Throwing Techniques That Will Make Catching Pokémon Easier

3 Throwing Techniques That Will Make Catching Pokémon Easier

Pokémon GO asks a lot of the player. Not only do you need to go through the physical effort of finding a Pokémon, you then need to use a Poké Ball to capture it. The latter takes a steady hand and the right amount of finger power to make sure the Poké Ball lands where it’s meant to.

At the moment, there’s a heap of different techniques the community currently use, some varying from the way they move their hand, to what kind of phone’s make catching Pokémon easier. The majority of those you’ll find will do very little to improve your Pokémon intake and save you purchasing more Poké Balls for the next hunt.

However, if you look hard enough, they’re one or two solid throwing techniques that almost guarantee you’ll catch a Pokémon. Thankfully, for you, we’re going to show just how it’s done.

1. The Side-Screen Throw

Accuracy plays a big part in catching Pokémon, with each throw of a Poké Ball needing to be within a certain area to be classified as a hit. Depending on the Pokémon you’re trying to catch it can be a right pain; we’re looking at you Zubat.

Having the right technique will ensure those Poké Balls are not wasted and the side-screen throw will make sure the rarest of Pokémon don’t get away that easily.

All you need to do is swipe the Poké Ball to one side, the left preferably, and swipe up straight. You can see the motion in action below courtesy of PokemonGoGamePress.

“The L Throw”

You need to make sure you leave go of the Poké Ball at the height of the Pokémon to make sure you get a hit.

2. The L Throw with Curve

There’s another throwing technique that revolves around the same lines, but the first part. Instead of instantly moving the Poké Ball to the left, or right, quickly push it in different directions at pace and then move it to the side, leaving go of the Poké Ball at the Pokémon’s height, like the aforementioned technique.

You can check out the method in action below.

“The L Throw” w/Curveball

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