6 Secrets Pokémon GO Doesn’t Tell You

6 Secrets Pokémon GO Doesn’t Tell You


As a new and wildly popular game worldwide, Pokémon GO can still be confusing for new players or those used to the original way of playing. Here, we reveal 6 secrets that we thought would be wise for you to know that the developers do not tell you.

1. PokéStops Refresh Often

You may be in a certain place that is always near a PokéStop. Once you have been to that particular PokéStop, its colour changes from blue to purple. However, the good news is that the PokéStop can be used again.

After 5 minutes or so, the colour reverts to blue and you can get your much needed Poké Balls and gain 50xp. The exact timing depends on the PokéStop and can change. This is helpful if you find yourself somewhere with no Pokémon in the vicinity.

2. Transfer Duplicate Pokémon for Candy

Once you catch a Pokémon, you will be rewarded with some candy and stardust. Candy is required for your Pokémon to evolve. Remember to catch a Pokémon even if you have the same one already because the second Pokémon of the same type can be transferred for candy, hastening your evolution of your Pokémon.

3. Trainer Level Influences Rarer Pokémon

Constantly travelling to new places is one way of finding rarer Pokémon. However, you need not deviate from your usual familiar surroundings to find them too. As your trainer level increases, you will naturally start to find rarer Pokémon in familiar places too.

Your probability of locating rarer and Pokémon with higher Combat Points (CP) is increased as your level rises. Be prepared when you encounter a rare Pokémon though; it should usually be difficult to catch as indicated by a red ring. Consider using items to ease your catch.

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