7 Ways to Earn XP Quickly in Pokémon GO

7 Ways to Earn XP Quickly in Pokémon GO

7 Ways to Earn XP Quickly in Pokémon GO

Leveling up in Pokémon GO is important for reaping the benefits of the game and subsequently growing as a trainer. The way to level up in Pokémon GO is by earning Experience Points or XP for short.

It’s the first 5 levels that are especially important because it will open up the Pokéworld to you. Up until level 4, you will get restocked on Poké Balls (15 Poké Balls for every level). Until level 5 the focus of the game is on catching as many Pokémon as you can and that’s it.

When you hit level 5 the game unlocks a new feature; Gyms. Plus, you will choose your team (Instinct, Mystic or Valor). A successful trainer must increase his or her trainer level by earning a steady flow of XP. The higher your Trainer Level, the better your chances of finding rare Pokémon

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Before we dive into the ways you can earn XP quickly, here is an overview of all the ways you can earn XP in Pokémon GO:

  • 500 XP – Capture a New Pokémon
  • 500 XP – Evolve a Pokémon
  • 200 XP – Hatch a Pokémon
  • 150 XP – Defeating a Pokémon Trainer at Gym
  • 100 XP – Capture a Pokémon
  • 100 XP – Excellent Throw
  • 100 XP – Battling a Pokémon Trainer at Gym
  • 50 XP – Beat a Pokémon in Training at a Gym
  • 50 XP – Checking in at a PokéStop
  • 50 XP – Great Throw
  • 10 XP – Nice Throw
  • 10 XP – Curve Ball

Now that you know all the ways you can earn XP in Pokémon GO it’s time to dive into the details.

1. Capture as Many Pokémon as You Can

It might sound obvious, but hear us out. Capturing Pokémon is one of the most efficient ways to earn XP. As you can see in the list above, when you capture a Pokémon you can earn XP in various ways.

Capturing a new Pokémon will earn you 500 XP points whereas catching a Pokémon you already own rewards you with 100 XP points. If you add on top of that the bonus you can get from skillful throws (up to 110 XP points for an excellent throw combined with a Curve Ball) the XP you get from just catching Pokémon adds up quickly.

To pull off a skillful throw try to aim the Poké Ball so that the Pokémon is inside the smallest shrinking capture ring.

To perform a Curve Ball, swirl the Poké Ball in small circles and wait for it to sparkle before releasing it. If you’re swirling it to the right, aim to the left, and vice versa.

Note: Throw bonuses do not stack.

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2. Visit PokéStops Often

In case you don’t know, PokéStops are locations marked in-game by blue squares which allow you to gather in-game items such as Pokémon Eggs, Poké Balls, Potions and yes, XP.

PokéStops are usually cultural landmarks of some kind. These can include things like:

  • Murals
  • Sculptures
  • Well-known buildings
  • Historical landmarks
  • etc

In short, if a place is somewhat popular or crowded there is a big chance you will find a PokéStop there.

To make things even better for you, you can visit the same PokéStop more than once, but you do have to wait about 5 minutes (not confirmed, it’s a rough estimate) after you’ve collected items from a PokéStop before you can visit the same PokéStop again. A purple PokéStop icon means you can’t visit it. A blue PokéStop means you can visit it.

If there are multiple PokéStops in your vicinity you can keep visiting them without having to wait for PokéStops to refresh. It might be just 50 XP you gain for visiting a PokéStop, but it does add up.

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