8 Tips Before Starting Your Pokémon GO Journey 

8 Tips Before Starting Your Pokémon GO Journey 

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So you’ve downloaded the Pokémon GO mobile game, have aspirations to be a Pokémon master and have all the boxes checked right?

Maybe not.

Catching Pokémon can be stressful, more so if you’re not playing casually and take the term “gotta catch em all” seriously. So what steps can you take to make that journey towards Pokémon immortality easier?

Up next are eight steps to take note of before starting your Pokémon GO journey.

1. Put On Some Comfortable Shoes

Time to put away those high heels and find yourself a nice comfy pair of trainers. Pokémon GO, fortunately – and unfortunately for the lazy -requires movement and going outside; don’t worry, the pixels are amazing.

Various features in Pokémon GO work alongside the amount of ground you cover while hunting. Having a decent pair of shoes while out will make you feel better, and you know what they say, a happy gamer means happier Pokémon.

2. Get Yourself a Portable Battery Charger

Depending on the phone you currently use, Pokémon GO will drastically drain your phone’s battery. This can be a disaster in waiting when hunting the rare Pokémon, only to see your screen go black and your crying face staring back at you.

Having a portable battery charger by your side gives you double the playtime with zero misery. Furthermore, for those near Virgin stores in Australia, staff are allowing Pokémon users to charge their phones in-store, keeping you in the hunt as long as you need to be.

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