Pokémon GO Guide – How to Increase Your Chances of Capturing Rare...

Pokémon GO Guide – How to Increase Your Chances of Capturing Rare Pokémon


There’s only so many Weedles one can capture in Pokémon GO before the stress of not capturing the rarer bundles of joy starts to kick in. You might want to give up hope and just be content with the Pokémon you currently have. 

If you have the mantle, catching the rarer Pokémon is really down to persistent and a few other handy tips that speed the process along on.

So let’s get right into the thick of it.

Use Pokémon GO Eggs

Pokémon GO eggs are like Christmas presents, usually better than the gifts you get all year round. You’re unlikely to find a Weedle or Pidgey hatching out of a 10KM egg, so try to get a 10KM egg going at every possible time and just hope to good it ain’t an Eevee.

Find The Pokémon GO Hotspots

These areas are teeming with rare Pokémon waiting to be captured. What makes these hotspots so popular is that the type of Pokémon captured here can be caught again, adding to your collection if lucky enough to stumble upon them. Local parks seem to be high-traffic spots for rare Pokémon, so jump online and see if the community is hinting where in your area is the best to hunt.

Leveling up your Pokémon is another way to ensure you capture rare Pokémon down the line. The higher your Pokémon’s CP, the greater chance you’ll encounter higher leveled Pokémon went hunting. Keep using those candies and before you know it you’ll start seeing the rarer Pokémon pop up.

You can also use Pokecrew to find Pokémon near you in real-time.

Level Up Your Character

If you’re constantly finding lower-ranked Pokémon, like Weedle for example, then its time to put the countless amount of low-tier Pokémon to good use. Simply exchange them for incredibly fast and easy XP gains, which in turn, will help you find rarer Pokémon. Before you know it you’ll have Blastoises knocking on your door.

Hopefully, this will set you on the path towards catching rarer Pokémon in the future.

What’s the rarest Pokémon you’ve found? Let us know in the comments below.

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