Play Pokémon GO Longer With These 11 Battery Saving Tips

Play Pokémon GO Longer With These 11 Battery Saving Tips


The Pokémon GO app itself won’t drain your phone’s battery quickly, but when you combine the app with everything else the app uses on your phone you can quickly find yourself out of juice.

For example, the Pokémon GO app uses your phone’s GPS chip to determine your location and identify several aspects of the game such as PokéStops and the whereabouts of Pokémon themselves. You can compare this to how navigation apps work and you’ll know that those apps will drain your battery quickly.

Another reason why the app drains your phone’s battery quickly is because the game uses augmented reality (AR) and requires some rendering power, it also uses your phones built in processors heavily, just like any other 3D game would.

To help you with your phone’s battery life we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips that will help reduce your electricity consumption so that your phone’s battery will last longer.

1. Enable the Built-In Battery Saver Mode

This is the first thing you should do as soon as you install the Pokémon GO app. Most applications have a built-in battery saver mode and luckily Pokémon GO is one of them.

Enabling the built-in battery saver mode will still allow you to play the full game when you are in the middle of a hunt or a taking part in a gym battle, but while you’re wondering around the map the app will do its best to stop battery-intensive processes.

It will dim the screen, it will reduce the number of calls it makes to the server and you’ll get a handy alert (or vibration) when something happens.

Enabling the built-in battery saver mode is a two-stage process. To active it first tick the battery saver box in the settings of the app. The second stage is to hold your phone upside down. The latter is a natural place to hold the phone while walking around, so this battery saving technique is almost invisible to the user.

2. Turn on Low Power Mode

In addition to the build-in Battery Saver mode you can also turn on your phone’s Low Power mode. Both iOS and Android devices come with battery-saving Low Power modes, so make the most of them when you’re out hunting for Pokémon.

On iOS, head into your Settings, then tap Battery and toggle Low Power Mode on. On Android, go into your settings, tap Battery and then Battery Saver.

Both of these modes can be activated even when your phone is at full power and they won’t affect the performance of the Pokémon GO app, so go ahead and turn it on even if you have plenty of juice left.

3. Turn off Your Camera

To experience Pokémon GO to its fullest it’s natural to have every single option turned on. But as you can guess this will result in your phone’s battery being drained quickly.

Although there has been much fuss about the AR elements of the game, it effectively means you are constantly recording a video in the background so the real world can have the PokéWorld overlaid on top.

When you’re about to catch a Pokémon, the top right of the screen will have a slideable ‘camera’ switch. Move that to off and while you will still see the Pokémon you’re (hopefully) about to catch, it will be in a cartoon background and locked in the middle of the screen.

Turning off the camera will save bit of battery power and you’ll also find it a bit easier to throw an accurate Poké Ball, increasingly your chances of a successful catch.

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