Pokémon GO: There’s a New Method to Help You Catch Dragonites

Pokémon GO: There’s a New Method to Help You Catch Dragonites


While Pokémon GO has been out in the public eye for some time, there’s still a handful of Pokémon users are yet to get their hands on. These include Pokémon locked to a particular region, legendary Pokémon like Zapdos and Moltres, and rare Pokémon that just don’t like showing their face.

Among the latter is the Pokémon Dragonite, one of the less common Pokémon to show up on your travels. According to various posts on r/silphroad, getting Dragonites to appear is increased when near certain Pokémon spawns, with the Pokémon Clefairy getting an honorable mention.

According to Pokémon GO players, any area that has a heavy spawn rate for clefairys will also spawn Dragonites. This thread on the sub-Reddit explained the spawning in more detail.

“I can confirm dragonites spawn where clefairys spawn. The only place I’ve seen dragonites is the same place I go to farm clefairys. Here’s the army https://imgur.com/a/KpA0u 2 of these were evolved but the rest all caught at Clefairy area. Doesn’t match your biome type, it’s just a neighborhood but the same type of Pokemon spawn as you say”, said Reddit user Barbaric_Emu.

With so many different users agreeing that Dragonites spawn in this particular Pokémon spawn, we wouldn’t put it down as a coincidence.

What do you think about the correlation between both Pokémon? Complete fluke? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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