Pokémon GO – Niantic Promise to Ban Those Using Spoofing Techinque

Pokémon GO – Niantic Promise to Ban Those Using Spoofing Techinque


Update: As promised, Niantic has started to hand out permanent bans. More info in the link: Cheating Pokémon GO Players Hit With Lifetime Bans

Pokémon GO is still very much in the limelight and continues to grow and launch in various countries around the world. The global sensation has a community in the millions and some of them are more interested in breaking the game then playing it honestly.

One such way is “spoofing”, it’s become the new craze for Pokémon GO players, allowing them to trick their smartphone into thinking they’re in a different location. Allowing users to catch any Pokémon they want, from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of their living room sofa.

By downloading a fake location app and adding the coordinates of a Pokémon you’ve obtained from a tracking website, users can magically appear at that exact location, no matter how far away it is.

Those first-time offenders caught using the technique are given “soft-bans”, stopping the user from catching Pokémon. Unfortunately, those playing the game while travelling by plane also receive the ban, as the (softban) system is triggered when you travel a certain amount of terrain at excess speed.

Those who play the game honestly aren’t too happy with users cheating the system and took to Twitter to voice their concerns. Amazingly, the usually quiet Niantic responded to one user, telling him that bans for repeated “spoofers” will come into effect soon.

When this wave of banning will commence is unknown at this time, but given the level of communication the developer has had with Pokémon GO players, you could be waiting longer than you’d first think.

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