How Pokémon GO Saved a Struggling Ice Cream Shop

How Pokémon GO Saved a Struggling Ice Cream Shop

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The selling power of Pokémon GO isn’t confined to the app stores in which millions flock to download it or the range of microtransactions players use to get ahead. Outside the smartphone screen where Pokémon live, the augmented reality mobile game is changing people’s lives for the better

One such story involves an ice cream shop called Mad Hatter’s Ice Cream, located in the Anacortes area of Washington and owned by Gary Dear who for the first months of opening struggled to keep the shop in the green.

That changed when Pokémon GO launched in North America and the PokéStop feature that send millions outside to play the game landed in his area. Luckily, for Dear, one such PokéStop was located right next door to his shop, sending his revenue through the roof.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expected it to end up like this,” Dear told local news station KSDK. “I’ve never seen anything take off like this.”

With so many Pokémon calling the nearby PokéStop home, Dear had no choice but to extend opening hours and hire more staff to keep with the upkeep. Altogether it’s become a drastic change prior to the app’s release, where Dear had to close up shop due to an illness, customers trickling in when opened.

“It was a shame to see him close up shop. We’re glad he’s back,” Rick Miller, one of the shop’s regular customers, told KSDK. “Some people are very frustrated with Pokémon Go; he loves it!”

Dear makes all the ice-cream himself and has some competitive prices Pokémon GO players can afford. So if you’re down in the Anacortes, Washington area catching Pokémon and need a pick me up, head over to Mad Hatter’s Ice Cream.

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