Pokémon GO Users are Reportedly Catching Articuno in Ohio

Pokémon GO Users are Reportedly Catching Articuno in Ohio


Looking to add more advanced Pokémon to your collection in Pokémon GO? Why not set out and hunt Articuno and Moltes, two legendary Pokémon now available in the mobile game.

For some time now, developer Niantic kept the legendary birds, Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos out of the reach of Pokémon GO players. However, that has changed following video evidence of one user capturing an Articuno in Ohio, USA, but many believe it to be a in-game glitch.

People who’ve captured the mythical creature are taking full advantage, setting the Pokémon to capture and defend gyms, defeating other users with relaltive ease.

The idea of Aarticuno’s sudden arrival being a glitch is only strengthed by the lack of Moltres and Zapdos making an apperance, along with Mew and Mewtwo respectively.

Niantic adding Articuno to the game will certainly fend off the particulay anger community who’ve critized the developer over their lack of communication with the vast Pokémon GO community.

Players have complained over the game’s broken tracking system and the closure of various tracking sites online used as a substitute. The “nearby” mechanic is still not working correctly, prompting many gamers to go onto the online store and give Pokémon GO bad reviews.

Niantic need to get their house in order or face even more wrath from the community. We can imagine the backlash oif the Articuno discovery turns out to be fake.

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