PokéSocial is The New Social Hub for Pokémon GO Players

PokéSocial is The New Social Hub for Pokémon GO Players


No matter the game you play, sharing the experience with friends is what it’s all about and only makes the overall experience more enjoyable. So it’s not surprising to know Pokémon GO has a social hub in which players around the world can chat about the game and share tips.

So what exactly is PokéSocial? It’s a chat app released only last week on Android that allows Pokémon GO players around the globe chat and share their thoughts about the game.

They offer updates on Pokémon GO updates, allowing you to like and comment and other interactions. You can also view other Pokémon GO players on a map feature, letting you know what users are performing well around the world. The website is also completely ad-free, for now anyway, as only 1000-plus players have downloaded the app.

The inclusion of a new social app for Pokémon GO will only prove more beneficial as developer Niantic add more content to the game. On the other hand, like plenty of other apps of similar nature, PokéSocial could fade into the background after some time.

Have you downlaoded the app? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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